A Gentleman's Guide: How To Accessorise a Suit

August 18, 2017

A Gentleman's Guide: How To Accessorise a Suit

Well tailored clothing can create a sense of confidence within a man. A man in a suit portrays a successful, hard working gentleman. Whilst finding the right cut and fit can be hard, it’s the attention to detail which really matters and finding the right accessories to match can be even harder than finding the suit itself; the cufflinks, the watch, the shoes all of these aspects take time to put together. Timeless accessories are an investment rather than a one-off statement piece, that’s why we have put together a handy guide to dressing like a gentleman.

Wearing a belt with a suit is a personal choice, there are arguments on both sides whether you should or shouldn’t, some say the emphasis should be on the tailoring of your suit and a belt deflects from this, others say leaving belt loops without a belt makes the outfit appear unfinished (not even mentioning the practical purpose the belt serves). But, if you pair the belt with the right pair of shoes it can bring the whole outfit together.

Cufflinks first appeared in the 1600’s with only royals wearing then. Today, they are an essential accessory to any suit. The colour and style depends on the type of suit you are wearing with mother of pearl cufflinks perfectly setting off a classic black suit, this said as long as you match your metals (think belt buckle) the style of your cufflinks doesn’t matter too much - just try to avoid those novelty ones.

The essential accessory for any suit. A watch provides elegance and class, not to mention convenience. Taking time to choose your watch can lift your suit to an entirely new level, but there are many things to consider, much like the metal of your cufflinks and belt buckle matching it is essential that the leather on your watch strap also matches your shoes and belt strap.

The Wigbert

Luckily for you, our watches come in various colours with The Wigbert, featured below, coming in classic black, brown and grey. With its diamante detail and leather strap it will add that touch of class to any outfit and create a real sense of being a gentleman.

The Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo also comes in classic black or brown making it convenient to match to any suit. This watch stands apart from any other with its intricate watch face detail and luxury leather strap, ideally setting off even the simplest of suits.