A Guide For Men: Accessories For The Outdoorsman

August 22, 2017

A Guide For Men: Accessories For The Outdoorsman

Accessorising for the outdoors can be a struggle. There are far more obstacles to factor in, you need to be comfortable, practical and the accessories you wear need to be durable. Whether you’re hiking mountains or climbing rocky cliffs you’ll need accessories that hold up to the elements. But, just because you are an outdoors kinda guy doesn’t mean you don’t always want to look your best. After all, you never know who you could run into in the wilderness. That’s why we have put together our guide on how to accessorise for the outdoors.

A belt is almost an essential for the smartly dressed outdoorsman. The practicality of it is undeniable but the average leather, fancy belt just won’t cut it. You need something durable to not hinder you as you climb to the highest peak of the mountain but still something that adds a touch of class to your outdoor ensemble. A canvas belt with a slider fastener or a conveyor belt for easy adjustment are ideal for that added touch of sophistication.

Whether it is summer or winter, a hat has the dual purpose of keeping you warm in winter months or protecting your head from the sun in warmer months as well as adding that extra touch of personality to your outfit. A knitted woollen hat is is the ideal companion to give you the extra layer of vital warmth whilst not hindering your performance. Whilst In the summer months a simple cap will protect you from the sun’s harsh rays whilst showing off a bit of your personality.

A watch is probably the most essential accessory an outdoorsman can own. Not only does it aid in the necessity of timekeeping but it also adds so much more depth to your outfit. Finding the right kind of heavy duty watch can be trying, and finding one with added extra’s is even more of a job, to get you outdoors ready even sooner we’ve found you the ideal watch.

The Military

A chunky, heavy duty watch made from leather and stainless steel. Not only does this watch tell the time but it also has the added bonuses of a stop watch, back-light, repeater and being water resistant up to 3 bar, thus saving you room in your backpack and being durable enough to survive whatever elements you may come into contact with.