Fashion Trends To Watch Out For in 2018

August 22, 2017

Fashion Trends To Watch Out For in 2018

Here at Bixford, we pride ourselves on keeping on top of all the latest fashion trends. How else can we ensure our exclusive watch range encapsulates the most cutting-edge designs? And since we know our customers are fashion icons, we thought we would give you the lowdown and share some of our industry secrets to prepare you for the hottest trends of 2018. You are welcome!

Urban Chic

This look is a classic and seems to be a regular fixture on the fashion scene. And 2018 will see this effortlessly stylish look still going strong and a popular look on the high street. Why not complete the look by adding THE WORKMAN. This watch will perfectly compliment your effortlessly stylish look, with its edgy but traditional fusion that is perfect for every occasion.

The Modern Gentleman 


Edgy meets traditional is the theme with this look and it's set to take the fashion world by storm. Bright colours with traditional designs will be a big focus in 2018, stand out and make your presence known! Why not team it up with THE WARRIOR. This futuristic looking watch will perfectly offset the conventional meets modern globetrotting look with its traditional detailing and its quirky watch face.