The Top 5 Countries For Luxury Watchmaking

August 22, 2017

The Top 5 Countries For Luxury Watchmaking

In an age where technological advancements have meant we simply cannot get away from knowing the time – every smart phone, laptop, microwave and dashboard has it on display, it is intriguing that the appeal of the wristwatch is still so omnipresent. The appeal of a fine wristwatch goes well beyond time telling though. It is more a representation of a mans class, tastes and social status. And while we can all agree on its universal importance – every country has their own significant style of horological design. Here is a list of the countries and regions that have got their craft down to a fine art:

1) Switzerland

 For centuries, Switzerland has been world-renowned for its fine luxury watchmaking. With few exceptions, the world’s most highly acclaimed watch brands all seem to hail from Switzerland and simply having the name “Swiss” on a watch is an automatic generator of prestige and craftsmanship.

THE UNIVERSE is erring on the side of edgy when it comes to Swiss design. Although, don't let this distract you from its highly advanced Swiss mechanical engineering and multi-faceted functionality. One of the sleekest designs we have seen come out of Switzerland yet, it is contemporary, chic and its undisputed quality makes it the ultimate timepiece.

2) Italy

Although Italy is not as well represented for their watch making skills as Switzerland they certainly have their own distinctive traits. The north of Italy is dominated by highly skilled timepiece designers who have launched Italy into the top spots of their craft. Italian watches are often a fine combination of ultra-sleek Italian design and masterful Swiss technology.  

THE MONTE CARLO brings Italian watch design to a whole new level with advanced Swiss engineering intricately binding the construction together and the Italian luxury materials and design giving it boundless finesse.

3) Scandinavia

People often tend to overlook the masterful watchmakers in this region. In fact, Sweden, Denmark and Norway have shown to produce some of the best brands and most unique styles in the world. Scandinavia has driven the obsession with the meeting point between function and beauty and perfectly expresses it with their infinite skills. Their designs tend to focus on clean, simplistic and minimalistic with a dash of colour thrown in.

THE GUSTAV is one of the finest pieces constructed by our Nordic neighbours and a true testament to their pronounced craftsmanship abilities. It successfully combines Nordic style with traditional English heritage making it a cutting-edge timepiece that is both functional and fashionable. 

4) Germany 

This is a little known fact, but the east Germany village of Glashuette is home to the greatest concentration of world-class watch makers outside of Switzerland. The German philosophy is luxury meets precision and this is injected into all of their designs. Their hand-crafted timepieces are all mechanical and made with microscopic precision.


THE FENSTON is our premiere German watch, designed using the most high-tech German technology and handcrafted with infinite detail. It boasts a broad variety of functionality, features and design nuances.

5) United Kingdom

Last, but certainly not least, the UK is where watchmaking all began and since then have honed their trade and continue to produce some of the most luxurious timepieces in the world. While the market has been dominated in recent years by Swiss watchmakers, the British watchmaking scene has made a huge comeback, with design, branding and pricing that has appealed to a younger generation of watch buyers.

THE CURREN is the perfect depiction of fine British craftsmanship and combines an ultra-soft luxury strap wth premium stainless steel casing. An ideal watch for anyone who likes their watch to converge at tradition and luxury.