Why Are Some Of Our Watches Free?

August 15, 2017

Why Are Some Of Our Watches Free?

You may be wondering how we are able to give away watches for free, and, why we would want to give away one of the most popular and fundamental accessories of the 21st Century for no cost at all. Well, let us explain it to you..

We are a new brand having only launched in March 2017. We wanted to change the watch industry. We were sick of overpriced, low quality and poorly designed watches. So we sat down and thought how can this be changed?

We wanted Bixford to be radical, to be game changing and to be truly loved by it's customers. So we decided to offer our watches for FREE in order to build up our brand reputation. The only thing you covered was shipping. Despite this meaning we are not making any profit at all on your orders, but we are building customer trust in our new brand which is very important to us.

Since launch we have brown exponentially, we now have over 60,000 loyal customers. 

Since then, we have started to introduce our premium range of watches which range from $50-100. Still, these premium watches do not break the bank and we want to keep prices within this range.